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Testimonials: Testimonials

Where do I start? I feel so blessed to have found Vana. My son is four years old and he's on the spectrum. He was NOT verbal when we first started speech, but I can strongly say now that he is. He tries so hard to verbalize these days, whereas before speaking never interested him at all. Nowadays, he is able to ask for some things he needs and I wish I could describe to you how amazing of a feeling that is. We started working with Vana when she was still doing in home services back in August and when she took the next step to open an in-person clinic, I could not pass up the opportunity to have her remain as the speech therapist for my son. I literally told her I would follow her anywhere she goes and I meant it, even though it would be much easier for my schedule to have another therapist provide therapy in home instead. But would that therapist match up to Vana? The answer is no. I'm that crazy helicopter parent who refuses to just settle for anyone or anything. I am absolute nit-picky about everything that applies to my son and it took me months of searching on google, forums, blogs, yelp, Facebook to come across Vana (not to mention the fact that we tried out sessions with three different speech therapists prior to finding Vana). From the moment we met, I knew she was a perfect match for my son. She is beyond incredibly knowledgable. I cannot stress that enough. But it just isn't how educated she is about kids with special needs, but it's how she works with them. She is sooo warm, caring, and patient, and she puts effort into every single interaction she has with my son. He actually enjoys going to speech and he loves seeing Vana in general. I wish you guys could understand what she has done for my family. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond. I am optimistic that he will be able to speak full sentences one day and it's all because of working with Vana. We are so so grateful and thankful for having her in our lives. Please do yourself and your kid a favor and book a session with Vana or one of the other amazing therapist she's been training. It will be life-changing, I promise you.


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